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AMERICA’S LOVE AFFAIR With Diecast Model Cars!

 Diecast model cars

An example of one of my diecast model cars

Dial up: www.etsy.com/shop/classicmodelcars

The Automobile…America’s Transportation. Classic, new, used, old, light, heavy, large, miniature…they come in coups, sedans, convertibles, economy, trucks, vans, suv’s, jeeps, limos and luxury with names like Chevy, Ford, Chrysler and Lincoln.  All have a least 4 tires, metal, chrome, plastic and glass.  Some are easy on gas, oil, brakes and maintenance, some are not.  Bottom Line: they all end up, dirty, rusty, broken, neglected, abandoned and distressed at the automobile junk yard…relics of the past!  Please click on: www.etsy.com/shop/classicmodelcars 

Diecast model cars

 Americans have a love affair with the

automobile. We build them, destroy them

 abandon them, rebuild them, restore them and collect

them…still we cannot get enough!

Diecast model cars

Classic FordThis is especially true with the Classic cars of days gone buy.  No matter how you abuse, neglect or discard them, they still maintain the beauty, romance, character and elegance of  having been once “the Rulers of the Road!”  I am an artist who loves old cars.  I have tried to carry this automobilia one step further.  I can’t afford the real size autos and I don’t know anything about auto mechanics, but as an artist I can build Diecast model cars or trucks of days gone buy with all the grease, dirt, flat tires, broken windows, oil, dust rust that makes them look like they have been neglected for the past 50 years but still maintain the beauty and elegance of what they once were! Custom orders welcomed.

1950 Chevy "Bullnose" Pick-UpThis may not be the all new, bright, shiny, clean classic cars and trucks, but it is a way to show and display a very realistic view of what these metal monsters might look like.  

 These models are all super detailed and built to a 1/24 or 1/32 scale.  Some started out a plastic model kits, some were die cast models that I have spent hours to age and distress.  Please take a closer look, if you find something you like, it is probably for sale.  Imagine how it would look on your desk, bookcase or display table. They are truly “conversational pieces”  Please dial up: www.etsy.com/shop/classicmodelcars  to see current cars for sale!
Below are some photos of projects I am currently working on.  Click on the photo and you will have a larger image. You can then click on the arrows to right and left and see a slide show.  If you have any questions or comments concerning any of these sculptures…please let me know.  Thank you! Very Much!
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