The Classic 1949-50 Ford Convertible was the dream of many of the younger set, including myself.  How cool it was to drive down the highway with the wind blowing in your face with all that V-8 power under the hood.

49 Ford with some wear and tear!

It was a great car, a “cool car” with a sleek and powerful design.  However the one we have pictured here has no doubt seen better days!  Seems like some 50 years of neglect, wear, tear and abuse have taken it’s toll!  Is is now considered a Jalopy?

Display this beauty on your desk or bookshelf!

 Now it’s a rustbucket, full of grease, grime, broken pieces and flat tires.

Can it be restored?  Is it worth it?

“Snow job”

 Looks like someone left this classic out in the snow!

Below are some other photos of our classic 49′ Ford convertible.  You can click on any photo and enlarge it and see even more of all the detail that AZ Artist, James Roark puts into his Classic model cars.  How would you like to own one for display on your deck or bookshelp?  Check out the website for some are for sale!


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