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 This is a 1923 Chevy 2-door coupe that has experienced a lot of neglect.  It was unique in it’s time for it had a copper cooled radiator which was supposed to make the engine run cooler.  You have got to have been around time to remember and drive this baby!  It may be a jalopy now…

but in it’s time…it was a beautiful Classic Automobile!

                         This sculpture comes with a decorative display base

 Maybe it’s owners just got tired of it and left it out in the desert to vanish.  Problem is in the hot dry desert climate, things don’t decay…they just sit around until someone notices them and scopes them up! 

This sculpture 1/32 scale die cast and comes with a 7″x9″ wood base with sand, rocks, trees and shrubs. 
A beautiiful conversational piece that you can spend hours looking over the detail!   Do you think it may be restorable?

Check out the photos below.  You can click and enlarge any photo you are interested in and see more of the detail that the artists puts into his work.  You can also buy this sculpture and others for you very own display and conversational piece.  Imagine this on your desk!


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