After over 80 years of wear and tear, abuse and abandement, this White coal truck still maintains it beauty and elegance of days gone by!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Because of just how rugged this White truck was…

It no doubt delivered thousands of coal deliveries in it’s time.  This is a 1/32 diecast and comes with a carefully landscaped wooden base for realisum and beauty.

The White truck was a preferred truck in just about any industry as it was known for it ruggedness and it’s dependability.  Please dial up:  www.etsy.com/shop/classicmodelcars





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 The 48′ Chevy Slantback was a designers “dream.”



chevy 48

Interior of 48' Chevy

This Chevy has seen much better days.  It’s a good bet that it still runs.  If you would like this 1/32 die-cast sculpture on your desk then check out the fine print and see how you can order this one-of-a-kind original.

The 48′ Chevy comes with a realistic wood base making it even more realistic!

The 48′ Chevy

“Aerosedan Fleetline”



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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                           

The 53′ Chevy was a great “run-around car in the early 50’s.  There were 2-door and 4- door sedans along with hard-top and of course the classic convertible.  This 1/24 plastic sculpture comes with a wood base and all the trimmings.  Thing what a great conversationall piece this might be on your desk or bookshelf!



This Chevy is a bit rusty in…

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 Today, any 55′ Chevy is pretty much considered a classic.  But the 55′ Nomad Station Wagon tops most of them.  Sleek, powerful and roomy, they were  the talk of the middle 50’s.

This sculpture is a 1/32 scale die-cast and comes with a 7″x9″ wood base and set up like it would look like out in the Arizona desert.          

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                       …

die-cast and plastic model cars in 1/32 and 1/24 scales!

 Have you ever dreamed of running across an old un-restored classic car in some barn, hidden forest or lonely desert?  Even though they have been completely neglected for dozens of years, they still have that look and feeling of beauty and elegance when they once were “rulers of the road!”


Now you can capture that feeling by owning one of these model car Junkers, beautifully, realistically displaced…it makes a valuable addition to your die-cast car and truck collection!

These die-cast and plastic model cars and trucks were once bright, shiny and looked “brand new.”  Then they each went through a “de-construct” program where they were re-built…


This mode of transportation, truly, has been a very important part of our lives, our social habits and the overall landscape we live in. Americahas had an ongoing love affair with this mechanical monster of glass, steel, plastic, rubber and chrome for over a hundred years!


 Because of high demand, the automobile has had to be mass produced.  Each one comes off the assembly line looking like the next.  No real separate distinction, no individual characteristics, they just roll off and we grab them up! 



Yours may have a little more chrome, or some fancy accessory, mine may go faster,…

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