Have you ever owned a Jalopy?

What is a Jalopy?  It’s a junker car that probably does not match up to the nice car your next door neighbor is driving, but it gets you from place to place, does not require a lot of expensive maintenance.

Where Can I Buy A Model Jalopy?

Please check out my store!


Old Time Jalopy at Model Car Classics

Seen better days!

The name Jalopy seems to stick with Fords rather than other makes of cars. Here is a qualified Jalopy that truly has seen better days.  In fact I am not sure this one is still running.

Old Time Jalopy at Model Car Classics

Classic 48′ Ford

I love to create Jalopies!  Most of them are considered classic cars today and each one has a romance, elegance in days gone by that has never been lost.

Old Time Jalopy at Model Car Classics

This Mustang has really been abused!

Even though they are worn, torn, battered, bruised, negelected and abandoned, rusty and dusty, flat tires, broken windows…they still maintain that beauty and elegance of what they were when they were brand new…Rulers of the Road!

Old Time Jalopy at Model Car Classics

Qualified Jalopy!

Check out my website and see how many Jalopies you can find.  Remember they are miniature, about l8″ long and make a beautiful desktop or bookshelp display not to mention a great conversational piece!

Old Time Jalopy at Model Car Classics

Once a beautiful T-Bird…now a rusted jalopy!

A jalopy car is a car that is often old and neglected and is in a barely running condition. Numerous terms are used to describe these cars, which vary by country and region, including jalopy, clunker, lemon, banger, bomb, beater, rust bucket, or wreck.

Age, neglect and/or damage tends to increase the expense of maintaining a vehicle. The vehicle may reach a point where this expense would be considered to outweigh the value of keeping it. Such vehicles are generally stripped for parts or abandoned; however, some owners choose to keep the vehicle. These old, neglected and often barely functional cars have been used not only for transport but also as racing vehicles. Their use has earned them a place in popular culture.

History of a Jalopy

During the 1930s the market for used cars first started to grow and decrepit cars were often a poor man’s form of transport. Cheap dealers could obtain the cars for very little, make aesthetic adjustments, and sell the car for much more. Early hot rodders also purchased decrepit cars as the basis for racers, and early stock car racing was called banger racing in the United Kingdom and jalopy racing in the United States.

A jalopy was an old-style class of stock car racing in America, often raced on dirt. It was originally a beginner class behind midgets, but vehicles became more expensive with time. Jalopy races began in the 1930s and ended in the 1960s. The race car needed to be from before around 1941.

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