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 Have you ever noticed that the old classic cars of the past still maintain their beauty and elegance even after 50 or 60 years of neglect, wear and tear and abandoned in some garage or barn? 

 They still say…”Look at Me!  I was once the ruler of the Road!”

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You can’t forget the 55′ Chevy!

Az. Artist, James Roark makes scale miniatures of Classic Cars the way they would look after 50 years of neglect, wear and tear. 

He puts a great amount of detail into these sculptures.  They make great collectibles, displaly pieces.  Each one comes with a realistic display base that adds to the overall…

Here is a model sculpture that was great fun to build.  It started out as a 1/35 scale model of a WWll Army Ambulance and bright and fancy…

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It ended up as a “bombed out” vehicle left to rot on some forgotten battlefield of long ago.  Over the years the weather takes it toll and it becomes a rusted relic of the past!

“Where have all the flowers gone?”

 You can still recognize it from it glory days of saving lives, but just too rusted to restore and make new and shiny again.

Here are some other photos of the Army Ambulance sculpture.  If you like a photo, click on…

Here are some new projects I am working on…

Below is a Chevy Pick up truck of the late 30’s.  It’s been used over and over again and has begun to show it’s age…but it’s still running…perhaps a candidate for restoration???

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Rusty old pick up


Shown below is a modern day Dodge pick up with a lot of abuse, wear & tear.

Modern Chevy Pick-up

 Above could be a photo from a time machine.  This is how a 2002 Dodge pic-up might look like afterr about 40 years of wear and tear.  Care to estimate what it might look like in 2042?

Rusty, rusty, rusty old Ford…

 1956 Ford Step-side Pick Up that needs restoration. 

AZ Artist, Jim Roark makes miniature sculptures of Classic American cars and trucks. 

He distresses them to a point they look real!  Classic model cars old trucks look like they have been out in the desert for years. 

 Check out the detail, rust, dust, dirt, grime, flat tires, broken windshield.  It still looks great after 50 years of neglect, and wear and tear.  It this baby still driveable?

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This Ford is about 8″ long…looks real!

 Take a look at the Ford pick-up above…Can it be restored?

It is one of a number of sculptures he…

Was it not Henry Ford, the inventor of the Model T Ford who said that “you can have your Model T in any color you want…as long as it is BLACK”

Rusty Dusty but beautiful!

After over 90 years on the road, the Ford Model T is still running, and is very popular with classic car collectors!

Originally black…but now beautiful rust colored

The Model T and dependability went together.  You could neglect them, abuse them and run them into the ground and they still ran!

“Any color…as long as it is black!”


Below are some more photos of an used and abuse Model T relic.  Probably way past the restoration stage…but still maintains…

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What would you do if you were scouting around, came across an abandoned Barn or secluded forest and found an old Classic Car just sitting there like it had been left there 40 years ago?

Yes, it’s dirty, dusty, rusty, worn, broken parts, flat tires, broken windows…but…it still has the look, beauty, elegance and power it once had when it was “the ruler of the road!”   Can you Restore it?  Can you obtain it?  Who ownes it?  Is it for sale?  These are questions you might ask yourself and the excitement of owning and restoring a classic car becomes a reality!

A true junkyard!

Above is how that car or cars…

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It’s been around forever!  Many of them are still on the road in various condition from brand new restored to rusty old relics lying in a barn or junkyard.  Still, inspite of it’s neglected state, it retains the classic lines, elegance and beauty it once had! 

This is the Classic of the Classics!  Almost any person over the age of 60 that you show this truck to either drove one of these themselves or knows someone who did!

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Comes With A Realistic Wooden Display Stand


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Chevy Pick-up was the work horse of the 50’s.  It ran forever, needed very little maintenence.  All you had…

                                                         The covered wagon was the primary transportation for long distant travel.  Build light and flexible, able to cover long disteances without breaking down and plenty of room for storage.

Covered wagons came in all sizes and shapes.  Often call “prarie schooners,” the looked like ships floating across the desert.


Once the family reached their final destination, built…

I constructed this Transit Wagon after some old plans.  It might have been a typical design for  most any early

city transit or bus system.



It could accomidate more than a dozen passengers and the rear entrance was built to

for easy access for passengers.


 I don’t imagine the ride was very smooth considering the rough dirt roads of Tucson in those days.  When it rained, there had to be a lot of mud! Colors were usually bright and cheerful.

Below is what I enjoy doing the most!  Creating minature scalel junk yard classic and vintage cars!  Some are for sale, they make a great display piece…check out the website!




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 The 49′ Ford was a Classic in it’s Time!  Rugged, dependable with that great V-8 Flat-head engine…It would take you just about anywhere you wanted to go…in Style

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This sculpture comes with an attractive wooden base

Here is a classic 1949 Ford, 2-door coupe.  Granted, it has seen better days, but look how beautiful the rust patterns are! 




The sculpture is 1/24 scale diecast.  I can remember, just out of high school driving a 49 Ford convertible up to Yosomite National Park, camping out and having a good time.  The only problem with that car is that you had to stop by each gas…

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