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A 39′ Chevy was the car to have back in the early 40’s.  It had looks, speed and dependability!  Many were equipped with a simple straight 6 cylinder engine but could still go fast.     




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis chevy has been negelected by it’s previous owners.  It doesn’t appear to be a good candidate for restoration since there is a lot of  body rot right through the metal which would make it costly to restore.

This car is a 1/24 scale diecast.  Doors open, hood opens to show a rather worn out motor.  Trunk has been rusted…

Take a close look at this distressed model cars! 

 Notice the detail!…looks like the real thing!

Az Artist, Jim Roark specializes in sculpting old classic car models to look like they have been in the desert for decades.  Old, rusted, neglected, flat tires, broken windows, missing motors and plenty of rust go into making this sculpture look exactly like their real full size countepart… yet this is only about 8 inchs long!

Do you think these rusted relics are worth restoring?

These sculptures make a beautifull display and conversational pieces.  A beautiful addition to any old time car collector!  Check out this website for the models that are for sale!


One can’t help but admire the old Classic Cars!

Rough, Rugged and Rusty

Even after years of wear & tear, neglect, rust, dust, grease, flat tires and broken windows, there is still a beauty, elegance about these metal monsters that goes back to when they were the “Rulers of the Road!”

Classic Lincoln Continental

Remember, these model cars are about 8 or 9 inches long. beautiful detail and come with a natural landscaped display stand.

They still maintain that nobel look, those sleek lines, the classic features that never seem to disappear dispite they have been left and forgotten!

Check out this website for Classic Collectables for sale!

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Below are some classic cars by…

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The 32′ Ford was a classic in it’s time.  Many were built.  They were rugged and took a lot of abuse.  A lot of them were converted and customized. OLYMPUS DIGITAL

This 32′ Ford Coupe was truly a Classic Collectable!

This one has been sitting around in a Junkyard for many years, but still retains it’s beauty inspite of the body being rusted through in many places.  Is it restorable?  Probably not.  Just too much rust, wear and tear.  But it is still beautiful to look at, would make an excellent desktop, bookshelp or coffee table display piece.  You will find that many of those who…

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 The Classic 48′ Chevy Slantback was a designers “dream!”


 It was a power house of it’s time.  All bright and shiny, people took notice of you when you drove down the road!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou not only had sleek design but lots of power in a Chevy motor to move you around fast.

This Chevy has seen much better days.  It’s a good bet that it still runs.  If you would like this 1/32 die-cast sculpture on your desk then check out the fine print and see how you can order this one-of-a-kind original. Please dial up:

A Tiger by the Tail!


Here are some more…

A real classic, 1950 Chevy “Bullnose” Pick-up

 Old Classic Cars have always fascinated me.  When I was very young,  I helped restore one of those “Metal Monsters” and I have never forgotten it.  Although I do not have any mechanic ability and don’t know a distributor from a generator, I love to build mininature cars.  Please dial up:  for latest models for sale!


But there is a catch!

I build miniature classic cars like they may look after 50 years of wear/tear and abuse!  Rust, dust,  grime, greese, flat tires, broken windows, missing parts.  Just how realistic can I make this small miniature scale car look after it…

Remember how this Chevy looked back in the 1950’s?  If you’re old enough, you may remember riding or driving one just like this one.  At that time is was new, shiny and everything worked.  Think back on how that brand new car smelled when you got into it? 


This car has gone through some hard times and will need a lot of tender loving care to look like it once did.  Check out other cars on this website as AZ Artist, James Roark, creates miniature sculptures of many of the old classic American cars.  Only thing is he distresses them to look old, neglected, rusted, beaten and abandoned! 



Since wood was a primary building material during the 1800’s…trees had to be cut and hauled to the lumber mills.  The Log wagon was built very solid and sturdy to handle heavy loads.

Many of these log haulers had adjustable centers where the front wheels and the rear wheels could be adjusted long or short, depending on the length of the logs.


     The log wagon required a large team of horses due to the trememdous weight and ruff ground they had to cover.

The Chuck Wagon covered a lot of ground through out the Southwestern United States.

 In those days there were many cattle ranchers who did not have all the modern

convenient transportation facilities of today. 







So, hard riding, rough and tough cowboys had to drive large herds of cattle over

hundreds of miles to reach railroad transit stations.



After a long, tough day in the saddle, cowboys needed rest and more important…FOOD!

Hence the Chuck Wagon, a wagon that was fully equipped to provide hot meals for

hungry cowboys.  It had a large stack of shelfs in the back to accomidate cooking utensils

and supplies.


If you…

There was a lot of mining going on in the Southwest Desert during the 1800’s.  Gold,  silver, and copper.  Often the ore had to be hauled great distances for the actual processing and extraction of the minerals.


The ore wagon was built to haul                

heavy loads over a long distance.

The undercarriage had to be of

extra strength with thick side boards




This particular ore wagon has seen a lot of service.  Since the wagons were not noted for their color and design, they often went years without any care or maintenance.


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