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I have always been interested on how they transported water, that life giving substance, around in the hot dry Southwest.  Enter the Water Wagon that was built to carry water and other liquids accross the hot dry desert!

The water wagon was a large metal or wooden tank mounted in a horizontal position on a frame and a set of heavy sturdy wheels.  Can you imagine the weight of this wagon fully loaded and the struggle the horses must have had pulling it through sand and dirt?

Some water wagons consisted of two wagons in order to

haul more water. 

Water wagon trailer

 I built this second tank wagon designed to hook on the…

The buckboard wagon was the “pick-up truck” of the 1800’s.  Every farmer and family had a least one or more buckboards to travel around the farm and the city.

 They were set up to carry people and lots of baggage.  They were light, so that they could run fast, often with just one horse.

The Buckboard was the workhorse of the farm and familly! 

Below are some other photos of the Buckboard.  You can click on any photo to enlarge it and then click to return to the gallery of photos.  Any comments?


Since lumber was the primary building material of the 1800’s,  special wagons had to be built to distribute the finished cut lumber to a variety of job sites.






These wagons were sturdy,

often high so they could

accomodate a large stack of cut lumber.

This 1/16 scale model was scratch built based on old photos of lumber wagons of the past.  Note the driver sits up high for a good view as to where to take his wagon.













Here are some junkyard classic cars that I really enjoy creating.  Some are for sale, they make great display pieces.…

The Stagecoach is probably the most familiar and common image of early Southwest transportation.


 The”Stagecoach” was a primary transportation vehicle in the early and middle 1800’s.  Wells Fargo built up a national business transporting people and special goods.  They became famous for transporting large sums of money from bank to bank.  This presented a big temptation for bank robbers to steal the money before it got to the bank.

Western Stagecoach mounted on wood base.

 A While back,  I got interested in old western wagons.  I built a number of different wagons at 1/16 scale which means my wagons were about 11″ tall and 8 ” high.  One of my…

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