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They were once rulers of the road.  Bright, new, shiny, flowing lines…beautiful works of art!  Now they don’t look so good…neglected, abandoned, rusty and falling apart.

But they still have an elegance and beauty that time and neglect cannot erase!


Many were driven thousands of miles without any care, maintenance or tender loving care.  They become broken down, neglected, dirty, greesy, rusted and finally abandonded.  But you can’t kill the work of art of a classic car.  No matter how beat-up and broken…they still maintain that elegance of the past.

Take a look at these two beauties.  AZ artist James Roark creates miniature models of old Classic Cars like they look today after years and years of neglect and wear and tear.  He adds super detail, so real that you cannot tell they are not full size. 

Actually they are only about 8 to 9 inches long! 

Take a look at his website and see if you find one you might like to have and display! 

Below are some cars that Arizona artist, James Roark is working on.  Notice how real they look.  These make great collector’s items and unique conversational pieces.  Check out the ones for sale!

 You can click on any photo and enlarge it and see the exact detail that goes into each sculpture!


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