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What would you do if you were scouting around, came across an abandoned Barn or secluded forest and found an old Classic Car just sitting there like it had been left there 40 years ago?


Yes, it’s dirty, dusty, rusty, worn, broken parts, flat tires, broken windows…but…it still has the look, beauty, elegance and power it once had when it was “the ruler of the road!”   Can you Restore it?  Can you obtain it?  Who ownes it?  Is it for sale?  These are questions you might ask yourself and the excitement of owning and restoring a classic car becomes a reality!

A true junkyard!

Above is how that car or cars might look.  Arizona Artist, James Roark creates miniature Classic Car sculptures to look like they have been used and abused for the past 40 or 50 years!  They are truly works of art, Classic Collectibles with every detail of wear and tear you can imagine.

Some of his sculptures are for sale.  Take a look at his website: www.modelcarclassics  and it will take you back into a time when these “metal monsters” ruled the road!

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