Here are some new projects I am working on…

Below is a Chevy Pick up truck of the late 30’s.  It’s been used over and over again and has begun to show it’s age…but it’s still running…perhaps a candidate for restoration???  To see lastest cars for sale…dial up:

Rusty old pick up

Shown below is a modern day Dodge pick up with a lot of abuse, wear & tear.

Modern Dodge Pick-up

 Above could be a photo from a time machine.  This is how a modern Dodge pic-up might look like afterr about 40 years of wear and tear.  Care to estimate what it might look like in 2042?


Rusty, rusty, rusty old Ford

 Above is a rusty old Ford of the early fifties that has really be messed up.  Probably best thing for this wreck is to be towed away to the crushing machine.  But you still have to admit that inspite of it’s poor condition…it’s still has that beauty of days gone by! 

Under de-construction

Above is a 1969 Mercury Cougar under de-construction.  Someone has taken the heads off the engine and left most of the car intact.  Body a bit rusty but probably could be restored.  Would this not look good 1/24 scale about 8″ long as a collector piece on your desk or bookcase?


My Abstract Junkyard- Rusty Relics!

Here are some very unusual sculptures.  When you are making distressed classic cars that look like they have been through 50 years of wear/tear and neglect, you end up with a lot of extra pieces of cars and trucks.

Why not take them and do a junkyard mess!

What a mess!

This is just a gathering of old junk parts of a number of different classic cars arranged in an abstract sculpture.

Hard to believe that this was a new shiny truck

Can you identify the parts?  Do you like them?  Think they would make a interesting display piece on your desk or shelf?   What a conversational piece!

Up-side down or Right-side up?


Below are some additional photos of some of my Abtract Junkyards.  You can click on any photo and enlarge it and see even more detail.  If you are interested in purchasing a model car sculpture…please visit my store where all the cars for sale are shown.  Please visit:





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